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"Every work I create is a picture of my thoughts"

"Usually I visualize them before they take shape"

With passion...that is the one phrase to describe the art of Fabio Ferrone Viola. Whether describing his approach to creative design, fashion design, knowledge of textile appropriation, the business of fashion or his award winning participation in the sport of world class Kick Boxing...for Fabio, the ever-present theme is PASSION! Born August 24, 1966 to a family of ultra talented parents and creative siblings in Rome, Italy, Fabio was surrounded by the energy and osmosis of artistic influences from his first breath. Rome is a living gallery of some of the finest art in all of civilization. This is the sensory romance, which captivated young Fabio from his youth. Fabio showed artistic aptitude at an early age. Having wet his beak for art appreciation under his art collecting father’s tutelage, Ferrone discovered a natural ability for drawing. As his sketching migrated towards the world of fashion, Fabio began to design, and learn the intricacies of the textile industry with emphasis on color and fabric choices to augment his ideas. He has since gone on to function successfully as an Art Director, Head Designer, Creative Director, Director of Purchasing, Marketing Director and Production Manager among other skills for several affluent brand names in Italy, and fashion labels marketed on an International scale. His manifest to create art was never far from his mind. Influenced by travel in London, Paris, Los Angeles and New York, Fabio digested a worldview that would later influence his creations. Attending The New York Academy of Art, he studied design, the use of color and the technical aspects of art, while his fascination for “Pop Art” matured. Though a fan of Monet, Degas and Chagall, Fabio’s vibe meshed with the pop art edge. Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, Mario Schifano, and Franco Angeli, have all had an important influence on Fabio’s perceptions. While exploring the relationship between Fashion Design and visual representation, he began experimenting with multiple mediums and rendering techniques. The travesty on 9/11 had a profound effect on Fabio. Embracing an overwhelming desire to express and create, he attacked his art like an opponent in the kickboxing ring...with passion! He wanted to engage that passion, convey a message, invoke strong emotions and create art that “leaves a mark”! What is his creative muse? “The times we live in,” says Fabio. He is shocked by current events, and inspired to express those emotions and feelings. “I like Pop Art because it speaks to, and of this era. It is a reflection of our times. It can create spontaneous joy. It can also provoke...get in your face...make you think...and force you to agree or disagree”. But for Ferrone, while pop art can convey romantic sentiment with humorous overtones, it leaves plenty of room for drama. By employing aspects of mass culture, Ferrone intends to inspire... to wake you up, and expose the false message backwash that saturates our senses. He picks at the ambiguity of symbols in this consumer society as the central motif in his work. Symbols that are deprived of their function by daily over-reproduction. His ideas are fueled by American pop-culture as viewed from afar, yet with the bold aggressiveness of an American artist. As part of his assemblages, his use of aluminum cans is an interpretive symbol representing production, consumption and the big business of making money. Much of pop art is incongruent... Ferrone’s art is immediate and compelling. Yet, it allows for one to personalize an intellectual as well as an emotional reaction. Regardless of such flexibilities, he wants to draw the viewer in, he wants to make them think, he wants them to understand why they make the choices that they do. Says Ferrone about his art...” I love with it, hate with it, laugh with it and cry with it. Art is my nudge, my scowl, my alarm bell, my poke in the eye... my rattled saber. Yet it is also my handshake, my friendly gesture, my big hug, my gentle embrace... and my kiss. My expression is motivated by a willingness to battle what I see as the utopian lie. I want to move people to stop and think how they are enabling that lie, and to start making decisions based on what is in their heart instead of what is motivated by commercialism”. Fabio Viola Ferrone feels he is just at the genesis of his art career. His main objective is simply to create... try out new techniques and ideas, and expand his vision as to better convey what is in his soul...and will do it all it appears, WITH PASSION!


oct/2018 Rome - RESTELLI ARTCO - Heaven And Hell - collective
oct/2018 Rome - Palazzo Santa Chiara - IL CANTO DELL'ESSERE - collective
sep/2018 Spoleto -Palazzetto Pianciani - MESSAGGI - collective
jun/2018 Milan - BASE MILANO - Paratissima - personal
may/2018 Milan - MUSEO Emilio Tadini - Make Art Not War - personal
may/2018 Rome - PLUS ARTE PLUS - Dreaming POP - collective
gen/2018 Naples - R.A.I. tv center - Concerto dell'Epifania
dec/2017 Rome - PLUS ARTE PLUS - art for africa - collective - curator Generali Italia and Arthemisia Group
oct/2017 Milan - Università Bocconi, salone del C.S.R. - #VALORE CULTURA MOSTRA - live performance - curator Generali Italia and Arthemisia Group
jul/2017 Naples - Museo A.R.C.A. - L'ARTE INCONTRA L'ARTE - inner artist - curator Giuseppe Reale, Diana Di Girolamo and Mimma Sardella
may/2017 Rome - spazio Cerere - OPEN generazioni a confronto - bipersonal with Antonio Del Donno - curator Paola Valori and Alberto Molinari
mar/2017 Rome - Micro Arti Visive - ROSSO BIANCO AND GREEN - collective
mar/2017 Rome - via del Corso - DAMIANI "ART OF GLASS" - personal
dec/2016 Rome - Guido Reni District - #DISTRETTOARTE - collective
oct/2016 Rome - collettiva premio internazionale per la selezione alla biennale di Roma - curator D. Tortora
sep/2016 Palermo - Padiglione Cristiano - Biennale di Palermo BIAS - collective - curators Chiara Donà Dalle Rose
jul/2016 Rome - MUSEO DEL VITTORIANO - "CRUSH " - personal - curator Paola Valori, critiques Vittorio Sgarbi
jun/2016 Rome - PORTA MAZZINI - "NO REGRETS" - collective - curators Cristiana Pedersoli and Paola Valori (MICRO ARTI VISIVE)
apr/2016 Rome - La.Vi - "CONTEMPORARY" - collective - curator Paola Valori (MICRO ARTI VISIVE)
sep/2015 Principauté de Monaco - TUNNEL RIVA - "I DEFEND" - personal - curators Melissa Proietti and Raffaella A. Caruso
may/2015 Rome - GALLERIA MICRO - SPAZIO PORTA MAZZINI - "OBJECTS AND PEOPLE" - personal - curator Paola Valori - critiques Maria Arcidiacono
dec/2014 Rome - HOTEL ADRIANO - "LEGENDARY" - collective
jul/2014 London - ROBERT DICKSON ART GALLERY - personal
jun/2014 Rome - CONI - SEDE CENTRALE FORO ITALICO - "100 ANNI DI SPORT" - collective
oct/2014 Milan - PALAZZO REALE - "I HAVE A DREAM" (Robert F. Kennedy Center) - collective - curator Melissa Proietti, critiques Raffaella A. Caruso
nov/2013 Rome - EX MAGAZZINI BIONDI - "LONDON CALLING" - collective
aug/2013 Miami - CA'D'ORO GALLERY - collective
jun/2013 Rome - MACRO PELANDA - "POP NEW POP" - collective - curator Melissa Proietti
may/2013 Rome - OFFICINE FARNETO - "CAPS" - personal - curator Miriam Castelnuovo
jun/2012 Rome - PALAZZO WEDEKIND - "MARILYN" - collective
nov/2010 Rome - CONCEPT GARAGE - personal - curator CA D'ORO GALLERY and Marzia Caltagirone